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Below is a collection of Chet Harding press features where he shares inside tips for success in the arts. Interested in featuring Chet or the Improv Asylum in your next press piece? Please submit a contact form outlining your inquiry and the best way to reach you.

Team Building

Chet Harding’s 5 Reasons Why Team Building is a Great Investment for Every Company

May 8, 2019

Team building refers to the process of enhancing social relations within a group of coworkers. It aims to enrich their professional lives, improve their collective collaboration skills, and promote effective communication.

Workplace Humor

The Benefits of (Appropriate) Workplace Humor with Chet Harding

April 29, 2019

A significant issue with the corporate world is an over-focus on the bottom line. Often, business professionals are so centered on a goal or deadline that they reject any opportunities for lighthearted engagement in their work interactions.

Stand Out

Building a Brand: Chet Harding’s Tips for Making Your Business Stand Out

April 26, 2019

In a world where many markets are saturated with similar companies practicing similar branding techniques, it’s a significant challenge to make your business stand out amongst the competition.

Chet Harding

Chet Harding Analyzes the Merits of Digital Office Communication

April 15th, 2019

The modern office in East Windsor runs on instant communication. Far from the days when email and fax machines ruled the work landscape, today’s digital platforms enable employees to keep in touch with each other at all hours.

Workplace Communication

5 Tips for Improving Workplace Communication

April 2nd, 2019

The Improv Asylum team offers customized workplace training to better improve the internal communication practices of businesses throughout the world. In this blog, Chet highlights the common issues and provides 5 tips to combat them.

Chet Harding


March 26th, 2019

Small talk is a gateway to relationship building and it doesn’t have to be a source of fear. Entrepreneur and branding/leadership consultant Chet Harding explains how to improve your small talk and conversation skills for success.

Chet Harding


March 25th, 2019

The success of your board will always be dependent on the quality of your board members, therefore choosing an effective board is critical to your organization’s success.

Chet Harding


March 25th, 2019

Entrepreneur and branding/leadership consultant Chet Harding provides the seven most common communication mistakes to help you improve in your organization.

Chet Harding

Chet Harding Looks at How AI is Changing the Way We Communicate

March 24th, 2019

As a successful entrepreneur and branding guru, Chet has made it his goal to stay up to date with the latest technological innovations. After the last few years of advancements, it is clear AI is having a major impact on communication practices.


5 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication

March 21st, 2019

Chet and his team at the Improve Asylum provide a customized corporate training experience to business all over the world. One of their main goals through this program is to improve workplace communication.

Letters: Residents Write in Support of Operating Override

March 19th, 2019

Chet shares his opinion on the Winchester school system, in support of voting “yes” to help financially stabilize police, ambulance, and fire departments.

Chet Harding

5 Things He Learned From Teaching Improvisation to 3rd Graders

March 15, 2019

Chet shares his experience teaching improv to 3rd graders. His anecdotes provide a positive glimpse into the lives of our future leaders. This story poses the question: How do we nurture the fearlessness and curiosity so many of us are born with, but end up losing along the way?

Chet Harding

Why You Need to Make Your Own Rules (The Ultimate Productivity Hack)

July 16, 2018

Forbes writer Renita Kalhorn draws on Chet’s advice regarding the power of yes vs. no to describe the importance of making conversations additive, not argumentative.

Chet Harding

At Benefit, A Handmade Ornament Makes For Special Moment

December 26, 2016

The Improv Asylum hosted their 12th Annual “No Rest for the Wicked Funny” 24-hour show in December 2016. The first item up for bid was a handcrafted ornament made by an 8 year old girl, specifically for the auction.

Chet Harding

Insanely Funny

July 27, 2011

Wicked Local announces Chet Harding’s new comedy show on ABC/ WCVB, “Improve Asylum’s Vanity Project”. Chet draws on his childhood experiences growing up with a unique North Shore view of life.

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