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Chet Harding has established a successful career in the arts. As comes with the territory, much of his career has been documented throughout the media. Below you will find only a glimpse of Chet’s projects. Interested in featuring Chet in your next media piece? Submit a contact form today.

Chet Harding

Season 1 Episode 4: Chet Harding | No Laughing Matter

Nine Dots Media features Chet Harding on their monthly podcast, Connect the Dots. Chet shares how his dream of becoming a professional athlete was abandoned for his talent for making people laugh. Now, as co-founder and co-owner of a nationally-acclaimed improv and sketch comedy theater, Improve Asylum, Chet is using his natural talent to help others build their careers in the entertainment industry.

Discover the talent behind Improv Asylum and the one-of-a-kind services that have made them a nationally-acclaimed improvisation and sketch comedy theater. 

Chet Harding | Workplace Humor

Chet Harding | Building a Brand

Technology and Communication

Still a Match Part 1

Still A Match | Part 2

Still A Match | Part 3

Chet Harding Sizzle Reel

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